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Boost App Push Notification Delivery Rates & CTRs by 30%!

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Elevate App Push Notification Delivery Rates & CTRs by 30% using Push Amplification!
Send notifications hassle-free to all devices, including Chinese OEMs by overcoming technical and connectivity issues 

What is Push Amplification?
Many a times, your exceptionally crafted notification campaigns might not get delivered to certain segments of your user base at all, due to unreliable FCM & APNS gateways and the notorious Chinese OEMs blocking these messages. Smartech’s Push Amplification helps you address your notification deliverability woes based on proprietary technology across both Android and iOS devices. Specially designed Smartech APIs ensure all undelivered notifications are rendered to them over time.

How Can it Help?
Push Amplification can add more teeth to your mobile marketing automation at scale. With this industry-first feature, say goodbye to undelivered notifications, ensure contextual campaign relevance, personalise the user experience, and maximise your mobile engagement strategy at scale!

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